Providing professional development to employees is an investment in their careers and the organization's future. 

DCRE provides conferences, webinars, courses and other training mediums that enhance the career development of our attendees and are in line with your company's mission. 

Use the letter below to request that your company cover the cost of your attendance or reimbursement to attend the DCRE Conference for professional development.


Dear [Manager],


I am writing to request professional development approval to attend the 2022 Diversity in Commercial Real Estate Conference (DCRE) which will be held at Columbia University in New York City from Thursday, July 28, 2022 to Sunday, July 31, 2022. This four-day conference focuses on diversifying the commercial real estate industry and is the premier event for diverse entrepreneurs and professionals to come together and build up their commercial real estate knowledge, exchange ideas, extend opportunities, and network!


The DCRE Conference features many commercial real estate industry leaders, workshops and masterclasses that will significantly benefit my work and equip me with useful knowledge and strategies to implement within our team. Their unique focus on diversity in the commercial real estate industry is also of great benefit to our company as we seek to improve upon our diversity and focus on solutions in this area. 


For example, a masterclass in [topic, eg. opportunity zones] aligns with our goals and specifically address some of our current team challenges.


I would like our company cover the cost of my attendance to the conference. The Corporate Pre-Sale Registration price is [$] which includes three-day access to all the workshops, panel discussions, keynotes and networking and VIP Receptions. I also wish to participate in the Investors and Dealmakers Networking event as it will be a great networking and relationship building opportunity. It comes at an added cost of $200.


Attending the DCRE Conference is an opportunity for me to network with industry leaders and peers, attend valuable educational sessions and gain specific industry knowledge. My attendance at this conference will allow me to support our team with new skills, a larger network, and more innovative ideas. In addition, I can provide a report of my key takeaways and recommended actions for our team to ensure we get the full value of this conference. 




[Your Name]