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Diversity in Commerical Real Estate


JULY 25-28, 2024



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Partner with us and support an initiative that is line with your company's values and goals. Shape how your brand is perceived by prospective employees, consumers, and clients.

Expand your access and reach a diverse pool of talented professionals. Our events will help you get direct access to high-level diverse talent and thought-leaders for your company.

We provide valuable opportunities to advance thought leadership for you to elevate your executives and employees to share their knowledge and expertise with a diverse audience.



Diversity in Commercial Real Estate™ is focused on commercial real estate, real estate investing, technology, opportunity zones and more! Our annual conference is the place for attendees to do business, network and learn about issues that affect commercial real estate development around the nation. Speakers have backgrounds in development, law, finance, and other nationwide commercial real estate initiatives and policy.


We focus on diversifying the commercial real estate industry from the executive leadership and entrepreneurial perspective. People of color hold less than 3 percent of CRE senior executive positions nationwide.


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"The Diversity in Commercial Real Estate events are not to be missed!! It is rare that Black Real Estate professionals who work and invest all over the globe can come together and share knowledge and experiences in an inspirational environment.


Any Real Estate professional can benefit from the content at the DCRE events. It does not matter if you are a student, broker, lender, investor or portfolio manager. The experience is enriching and beneficial to all.


After attending your first DCRE event, you will definitely want to come back year after year and see the familiar faces of the individuals you met or heard speak at prior events.


It does not matter the market you work or invest in, if you are from the East coast / South / West coast / Mid - Atlantic or Mid - West there is content for you and individuals in attendance at the DCRE events that you can connect and learn from.

Robert Jefferson

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" DCRE brings together industry leaders from across the country to confront that disconnect and make strides towards diverse voices becoming commonplace at the deal table. It showcases diverse industry experts, giving attendees access to the concepts and information needed to succeed in the business. 


I have never in my career seen so many professionals of color who are passionate about commercial real estate in one place.  The atmosphere of fellowship fostered at DCREC facilitated unprecedented cross-regional networking opportunities, access to capital, and professional development.  The future of CRE is diverse and inclusive; the DCREC is at the forefront of that future.

Amanda Benjamin-Smith

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"It is important to have diversity in commercial real estate because the market is diverse. Real estate is a market that touches all communities and I believe that it’s important because, for me it’s a very personal thing, I do a lot of business in minority areas minority neighborhoods where there is a lot of us that are not educated enough to talk about wealth-building through real estate and commercial real estate development, so the importance of  having diversity in commercial real estate is to reach out to those small groups that have not seen people that look like them doing commercial real estate, doing real estate to that level, the importance of diversity in commercial real estate is to reach out to all our corners, to reach out to all diversity, to reach out to all types of people because I think our voice, our work needs to be seen and needs to be heard.


We need to bring more people to the market because real estate as a whole is very diverse, and I think we deserve to spread our knowledge to minorities, people that look like us and for me it’s one of my main things to spread and educate minorities on the importance of wealth-building throughout real estate.

Aty Biswese

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"I've seen so many groups of different sizes trying to access capital. I've been in real estate my whole life and I've been to conferences and events, but I have never seen this many people at color at a single event for Commercial Real Estate."

George Scott

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"Networking and learning with minority talent in the commercial real estate game.


Hundreds of talented minorities giving up their weekend to learn, strategize, network and partner.


Today's momentum and commitment will help establish diversity and inclusion as a norm in the CRE industry."

Gabriel Troncoso

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"This conference brought together global leaders in commercial real estate under one

roof to discuss overcoming barriers

to opportunity in the field.


The diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided in-depth insight, as well as actionable practical tools of engagement models, methods and mechanisms (3ms) that have worked for them; and were able to share how the 3ms could be utilized to discover, develop, and deploy new diverse professionals. covering key areas such as affordable housing, new market tax credits, deal financing, deal packaging, and opportunity zones, this conference was beyond expectation and provided something for everybody!


This is what doing the work looks like. Can't wait to see more from AGN.”

Maurice Robinson


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Access to Resources and Community

The DCRE Conference opens doors to a wealth of resources tailored for the professional advancement of mid to senior employees. 

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